“He Can’t Sing High Notes”—TXT’s Soobin Shows Close Friendship With Beomgyu When Roasting Him Without Holding Back

Here’s how he responded!

TXT recently sat down for an interview with TheKStarNextDoor. They talked about a variety of topics including their roles in the group. MC Jonathan noted that Beomgyu is known for being one of the best at starting the songs of the group.

Beomgyu, you’re the official master of introduction in TXT? Why is that?

— MC Jonathan

The member in question agreed with this assessment. He stated that he is given this important role because of his charisma—he brews interest among viewers who keep their eyes on the performance because of him.

I begin the song. I draw people’s attention. [They go] ‘Oh, who is that?’ People become curious.

— Beomgyu

He couldn’t help but joke that he is the main reason why people keep watching Soobin who sometimes sings after him.

They look forward to the next person. Soobin comes out. ‘Who’s next?’ That’s what happens.

— Beomgyu

The leader answered in retaliation with a particularly fierce roast. According to Soobin, Beomgyu is given the introduction part of the song because his vocal skills aren’t good enough for the harder parts.

The reason Beomgyu sings the introduction is because he can’t sing high notes.

— Soobin

Beomgyu jumped to defend himself right away! He pointed out that Soobin is hypocritical to say this when they have similar singing capabilities.

Let me dispute it. Soobin and I have the same note.

— Beomgyu

The leader was happy to contradict this statement, saying that he improved greatly as of late.

Not anymore. I can sing a higher note now.

— Soobin

Beomgyu was left speechless by the roast.

He joked good-naturedly that they should fight it out behind the cameras!

Excuse us for a minute.

— Beomgyu

There’s no doubt, however, that Beomgyu is a talented member who is loved by the others in TXT.

Check out the full video below to learn more about TXT.

Source: YouTube