TXT’s Soobin Brought Back The Kang Daniel Thigh Sweep

There was no better way for Soobin to bring out his sexy side.

TXT‘s Soobin brought sexy to We K-Pop‘s stage by bringing back the iconic thigh sweep move that Kang Daniel made famous during Produce 101.

When it was Soobin’s turn to bust out a sexy dance routine, he made everyone laugh, especially SF9‘s Inseong, by rolling into position.

Soobin then stepped right into the sexy thigh sweep that had everyone singing his praises. Yeonjun was so impressed he had to clap.

No matter how long it’s been since the show’s airing, Kang Daniel’s Produce 101 performances still live on.


Watch Soobin show off his sexiness along with Kang Daniel’s iconic “Open Up” performance here.