TXT’s Soobin Bumped Into His Favorite Dancer On “Street Woman Fighter” But Didn’t Realize It Was Her At The Time

He felt instant regret after.

So many have fallen for the intense dance crew survival program Street Woman Fighter and so have many idols! One idol who has expressed his love for the show is none other than TXT‘s Soobin!

During his latest live broadcast, a viewer mentioned Street Fighter Woman and Soobin’s face instantly lit up! With a big smile on his face, Soobin said, “‘Street Woman Fighter!'”

Soobin was then asked which dance team is his favorite and while he couldn’t say for certain which team is his number 1 favorite, he did express his love for team LACHICA.

Favorite team? I like them all, but, if I have to choose one, I would choose LACHICA.

— Soobin

Soobin explained he loves LACHICA because, despite the show’s physical intensity, the dancers are always full of energy. Their high energy makes them very attractive is what attracts Soobin.

Because I love that energy that the team has. How can u put it? I find the team very attractive. Well, they’re supposed to compete with one another, feel tired, and feel exhausted. But LACHICA is ways very energetic.

— Soobin

Moreover, Soobin likes how the team members take the competition seriously but also knows how to enjoy it and have fun.

They seem to enjoy the competition. Of course course, they seem to become a bit exhausted nowadays, but I still like LACHICA’s bright and positive energy. I like the cheeky and bright they have.

— Soobin

Soobin also revealed he bumped into his favorite member from WAYB, Noze, but had no idea it was her until after they went their separate ways. Of course, Soobin’s mind exploded when a staff member informed him who she was.

You know, I have a favorite member from each team. I root for LACHICA as a team and from each team, I liked Noze. You know I ran into Noze at ‘Music Bank!’ I saw Noze in the hallway, and I thought, ‘Oh my god, she looks like Noze.’ I said, ‘Hello’ and she also said, ‘Hello.’ And I thought, ‘She really resembles Noze. Who is she? A new singer? She really looks like Noze.’ But she was wearing a mask. So I couldn’t recognize her very clearly. And I went to another place for make-up. The staff told me that she was Noze. So I was like…I thought I should have told her that I like ‘Street Woman Fighter.’ I was regrettable.

— Soobin

As a big fan of the show, Soobin had several other dancers he really loves besides Noze and listed who some of his favorites are.

I really liked Noze and Hyojin Choi. Aiki. Honey J…and Lip J. I also like Lip J because she’s so energetic and jolly. And Ri.hey is also very cool. She’s very cool when she dances.

— Soobin

In the end, Soobin realized that he actually doesn’t really have one favorite dancer from the show. Instead, Soobin confessed that he really is a big fan of all the dancers!

Actually, I like almost all of them. Almost all the dancers. They’re all very attractive. It seems like each dance has one’s own personality.

— Soobin

Source: Naver TV