TXT’s Soobin Accidentally Called His Co-Host OH MY GIRL’s Arin The Wrong Name

Let’s just say they weren’t the only ones taken aback 😂

As one of the new hosts for KBS‘s Music Bank, TXT‘s Soobin has been knocking it out of the park with his ability to make guests feel at ease around him and falling for his charms, like WOODZ and Jessi respectively.

| @KBSMusicBank/Twitter

In the latest airing of the music show, everyone’s feeling for him in a different way. Soobin accidentally forgot his co-host OH MY GIRL‘s Arin‘s name. Fans were feeling all of the secondhand embarrassment from the adorable mishap.

During a segment for the show, Arin asked Soobin whether he had a nickname from the time he was a student. “Soobin-ssi, what was your nickname in school?” Like most, he confirmed that he did.

At first, Soobin proceeded smoothly with the segment. He revealed that he’d been called a fluffy panda, “I was ‘Panda.’ Because the dark circles under my eyes were circular.” When he attempted to guide the conversation back to Arin, that’s when he had an embarrassing yet adorable mishap.

After Arin showed shock from hearing about Soobin’s unexpected nickname, he wondered if she had one as well. Instead, he accidentally called her by the wrong name, “How about Yerin-ssi?” Arin’s mouth widened in surprise as Soobin froze.

Right after the question left his mouth, Soobin immediately realized the mistake he’d made. With a small smile, he immediately corrected himself, “Oh, I’m sorry. Arin-ssi!

While Soobin began to laugh from embarrassment and Arin continued on, everyone watching couldn’t help but feel for Soobin.

Since Arin’s real name is Yewon, some thought Soobin had merely combined that and her stage name into one. Whatever the reason, it only made everyone become fond of him even more. After all, no one is perfect.

Soobin wouldn’t be Soobin if he didn’t forget something. Check out the adorable moment that had everyone feeling the embarrassment for him here.