TXT’s Soobin Caught Someone Crying On His Last Day At “Music Bank”—And It Wasn’t Oh My Girl’s Arin

You’ll be touched when you find out who was crying.

TXT‘s Soobin was more than emotional about his and Oh My Girl‘s Arin (known as AKONG together) time as a Music Bank’s MCs coming to an end. Although it was clear how sad he was about his departure, Soobin revealed there was someone even more sad on his last day as MC.


Soobin recently held a solo live broadcast where he shared several behind-the-scenes stories of him and his members. When he was first asked to share behind-the-scenes stories about AKONG, Soobin couldn’t think of any. When something finally popped up in his memory, Soobin put on a big smile. Soobin then shared that he heard someone was crying on his last day.

It’s not a behind-the-scene story AKONG per se. On the last day, the writer kept calling in the hallway. The writer said, ‘Soobin, Arin, come out.’ I said, ‘Okay.’ I opened the door, and the writer said, ‘Why are you crying?’ Don’t cry.’

— Soobin

While many would have guessed it was Arin who was shedding tears on her last day, Soobin clarified it wasn’t Arin, instead, it was his manager. What a sweet guy!

I said, ‘Is Arin crying because it’s the last day?’ I went there to tease her and saw her, but it wasn’t Arin, but my manager.

— Soobin

Soobin conveyed how his manager was super emotional as he was there during Soobin’s time on MC since day one! While there would be some days he went with different managers, the manager who brought him on his first day was also there for his last.

The manager went to ‘Music Bank’ from the first day. The same manager, occasionally different managers, but mostly it was that manager. The manager was chatting with the writer, and was saying, ‘It’s so sad that it’s the last day.’

— Soobin

Soobin sympathized with his manager and understood why he could be so emotional toward Soobin’s departure from the music program.

Ah, the manager was more fond of ‘Music Bank than I thought. That can happen because the manager went there for a year and a few months. I also felt weird that I won’t be coming back.

— Soobin

Much like his manager, Soobin commented that he also felt a bit strange. Although he was sad on the last day and about his time as MC ending, Soobin felt better with the thought of him coming back just to perform as TXT.

I also felt weird that I won’t be coming back. But I will keep on performing on stage. I will visit ‘Music Bank’ during promotions, and meet the staff members again. I can be there at ‘Music Bank.’ But there have been actors who host the show. It might be sad for them because they won’t be at the show again.

— Soobin

Source: Naver TV