TXT’s Soobin And CIX’s Seunghun Has Everyone Loving Their Friendship

You can tell how close the two are.

Despite TXT‘s Soobin saying that he didn’t have any idol friends, it turns out that he has more than anyone expected.


When Soobin was spotted hugging CIX‘s Seunghun on stage, the surprising friendship delighted fans. Another moment between the two has fans loving how close they are.


Because Soobin is an MC for KBS‘s Music Bank, he interviewed CIX for their “Cinema” comeback. Even though Seunghun was the guest, he was the one who had his eyes on Soobin, making sure he was comfortable by patting him on the back.

After CIX taught Soobin the “Cinema” point dance and gave it a try together, the smiles on their face as they shared a celebratory hug was enough to melt the coldest of hearts.

Even when Soobin and Seunghun were joking around during the interview, their laughter gave away just how close and comfortable they are with each other.

Although no one knows for sure how they became friends, fans are loving their interactions regardless. Watch Seunghun and Soobin’s friendship come to life here.