TXT’s Soobin Compliments BTOB’s Minhyuk And Manages To Hilariously Subtly Compliment Himself In The Process

These two have the cutest interactions!

TXT‘s Soobin and BTOB‘s Minhyuk have the cutest senior and junior relationship and both MOAs and MELODYs can’t seem to get enough of their interactions!


Since BTOB has been promoting their latest hit “Outsider” and Soobin being one of the MCs of Music Bank, the two have had several new cute moments together!

| KBS KPop/YouTube

One cute moment that recently arose was after BTOB’s latest performance at KBS‘s Music Bank. After BTOB’s performance ended, Soobin took the time to compliment Minhyuk and shared, “As expected, Minhyuk subaenim looks super handsome today too!” 

KBS KPop/YouTube

Soobin continued and hilariously complemented himself in the process. After his comment about Minhyuk’s attractive visuals, Soobin commented, “Who does he resemble to look THAT handsome?

KBS KPop/YouTube 

For those unaware, Soobin and Minhyuk’s sweet friendship all began because of their resemblance to each other. Overall, Soobin cleverly found a way to compliment both Minhyuk and himself! How adorable!

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Oh My Girl‘s Arin then commented, “How does it feel to meet a look-alike?” Soobin replied that it’s actually a bit confusing,
Umm, it’s like ‘I’m Choi Soobin though? There can’t be two’ kinda like that?” Overall, Soobin shared, “It’s really fascinating” to have someone that resembles him.

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Check out the cute moment below: