TXT’s Soobin Confronted Fan Who Turned An Emotional Moment Into A Meme

He had to draw the line.

Every member of TXT loves to respond to fans’ comments and questions through Weverse.

When one uploaded a few different photos and asked Soobin to choose the best one for their wallpaper, he and Taehyun had no problem picking one for them.

When another fan tried to use one of his emotional moments for the same purpose, Soobin wasn’t as accomodating. He had to put his foot down.

In behind-the-scenes footage of their debut showcase, many of the members became emotional, having finally achieved their dream and revealed all of their hard work. A fan decided to take one of those emotional moments out of context.

They uploaded a screenshot from the video of Soobin crying, asking him if they could use it for the background on their phone or laptop. The fan also included characters signaling that it was a humorous situation.

Soobin didn’t seem to share their sentiment. He classily rejected their request. Instead, he stated, “There are a lot more cool pictures.” This fan hadn’t been the only one to use the photo. Others had the same photo saved so they could use it as a meme.

Rather than using actual emotional moments of the members, one fan pointed out how they’ve taken funny versions. Those are the ones they recommended fans should use.

Idols share a lot of moments and pieces of their lives in front of the camera. Every single one shouldn’t be used for entertainment. Fortunately, Soobin was able to draw a line between having fun and using something inappropriate.