TXT Soobin’s Crying Scene Broke Everyone’s Heart, Here’s What He Was Really Thinking

Hint: he didn’t have any sad thoughts.

To prepare everyone for their upcoming comeback this month, TXT dropped a concept trailer to give a small sneak peek.

All the members ignoring Soobin and pretending that he wasn’t there had MOAs ready to throw hands. When he tried to reach out to them and realized he was in a glass box, that really tugged on everyone’s heartstrings.

At the sight of his tears, everyone wanted to come to his recuse and protect him. Soobin’s acting was that powerful that fans wanted to know more about the crying scene and how he’d been able to pull it off.

Typically, people think of sad moments to produce tears for these types of scenes. If that doesn’t work, they can use fake tears to make the scene appear real. Since fans wanted to know, one took to Weverse to ask.

A MOA asked what could’ve been happening in his mind at the time and if it had all been as real as it felt.

Soobin oppa, what were you thinking when you were crying? Were they real tears?

While Soobin didn’t quite answer the second question, he did solve the first. He hadn’t been thinking of what anyone had expected. He was merely focused on finishing the scene as fast as possible.

If I don’t cry quickly, the time we finish working will be delayed.

Soobin not only wanted to avoid working late but also keeping everyone behind to watch him. That answer sounds about right for him.

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