TXT’s Soobin Discusses Why He Thinks Fans Are Drawn To Them

He had his own ideas about it.

During a live broadcast, a fan pointed out TXT‘s habit of always having long song titles, so much so that they figured it was now part of their identity.


Soobin said that all of them had read the differing comments about the long titles in their tracklist and shared his thoughts about it.

He didn’t deny the fan’s comment and instead agreed with it, saying that it had indeed become part of their identity, at least to him. Because of that, he thought about what attracted fans to them in particular.

He hoped that their long song titles were one of the reasons many K-Pop fans had been drawn to them, thinking, “I like them because they’re unique.” Hearing the words made Beomgyu agree with him as well.

With so many K-Pop groups in the genre, it can be hard for each one to stand out. Since they debuted less than a year ago, it’s positive to see that they’re slowly finding their identity.

MOAs most likely have more than one reason to love TXT, though. Listen to Soobin’s explanation of the topic starting at 5:15.