TXT Soobin’s “Dolphin” Cover Is Iconic For Many Reasons—Including Just How Fast It Took Him To Record

Can you take a guess?

TXT‘s Soobin already has many legendary performances, but one of the most popular ones is definitely his cover of Oh My Girl‘s “Dolphin” with Oh My Girl‘s Arin.

TXT’s Soobin and Oh My Girl’s Arin

It was one of their chosen songs for their joint MC stage to commemorate their debut as the new hosts of KBS‘s Music Bank. Given the popularity of the track and the fact that Arin among the original singers, it was a great choice!

Fans definitely thought the same. They readily complimented their chemistry, vocals, and refreshing visuals. It currently has over 28 million views and counting.

During TXT’s interview on MMTG, the topic of Soobin’s “Dolphin” performance was brought up. The host couldn’t help but praise his voice, commenting that it was surprisingly fitting for the sweet song.

The song suits your voice so well! There were layers of voices.

— JaeJae

MMTG host JaeJae

Soobin then revealed a jaw-dropping fact about the performance—he finished it in record time!

I finished recording in 10 minutes after meeting the producer.

— Soobin

The process of filming the backtrack was different than what he initially expected. Instead of the usual way of recording over and over again until the producer was satisfied, they took a rather unconventional approach.

I thought I would sing multiple times and use the best one, but the producer layered all the trials.

— Soobin

Recording in 10 minutes? That’s how much of an ace Soobin is!

If you haven’t seen it yet, check out TXT’s MMTG interview below.

Source: YouTube