Here’s Why TXT’s Soobin Was So Embarrassed He Hid In His “Music Bank” Waiting Room

Yeonjun didn’t even know about it.

Although TXT‘s Soobin is outgoing around his members, he reverts back to his shy self when he’s around others. In fact, the Music Bank MC was so embarrassed at one point that he tried to avoid everyone by hiding in his waiting room.

In a round of In Or Out with Esquire, the group discussed the pros and cons of leather jackets. While they mentioned it could be uncomfortable, they agreed the look was in. Hueningkai added that it was “too flashy” and wasn’t the only one who thought so.

Soobin admitted that wearing chic items like leather jackets made him the opposite of confident. He said, “If I wear something cool, I feel sort of embarrassed and not comfortable in my own skin.

Hueningkai agreed, “Yeah, so true.” That’s when Soobin shared a story of his own embarrassment.

When Yeonjun pointed out the time Soobin had been spotted wearing a leather jacket when leaving Music Bank, Soobin shared the truth behind the outfit.

Though Yeonjun thought “it looked good,” Soobin had been so shy that he didn’t want anyone to see him. Soobin said, “That day I was so embarrassed I stayed in the waiting room.

The new piece of information had Yeonjun shook, his face hilariously saying it all. He asked, “Really? Are you serious?” Soobin explained, “I feel shy when I wear things like that.

Even though statement pieces boost the confidence of some, Soobin isn’t among them. See Soobin share the adorable moment he couldn’t bear to show off his outerwear.