TXT’s Soobin Chooses His Favorite “All Of Us Are Dead” Character

A lot of people might agree with it.

Netflix‘s latest Korean hit is their break-out zombie show All of Us Are Dead and has been so well-received that everyone from avid binge-watchers to idols has tuned in.

All of Us Are Dead main cast. | Netflix

Among those idols is TXT‘s Soobin, who recently revealed which of the show’s characters was his favorite to watch.


Taking to Weverse to share their excitement about the show, a fan asked Soobin who he was rooting for out of all the show’s characters. Soobin responded, “I like Nam Ra. Haha.” He admitted he wasn’t always a fan of the character, though.

Choi Nam Ra in All of Us Are Dead. | @iconickdramas/Twitter

Through the show’s ups and downs, Choi Nam Ra (played by actress Cho Yi Hyun) slowly wiggled her way into Soobin’s heart to become his favorite.

I didn’t like her at first, but she became my bias towards the end.

— Soobin

| Weverse

Soobin isn’t alone in naming Choi Nam Ra as a favorite. Many viewers have voiced their appreciation for her strong will, with many even naming her the best character. Do you share Soobin’s top pick?

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