TXT’s Soobin Finds It Awkward To Dance To H.O.T. And Rain’s Songs—Here’s Why

“So it feels awkward, to be honest.”

Recently, TXT and ENHYPEN gifted fans with an epic performance at the 2021 KBS Song Festival.

They performed legendary songs like BTS‘s “Fire,” BIGBANG‘s “Bang Bang Bang,” H.O.T.’s Candy,” and Rain‘s “Bad Man,” among others.

In a backstage video, TXT’s Soobin opened up about the difficulty that comes with performing older songs from the likes of H.O.T. and Rain. His reason is simple—the dance styles have completely changed since they were first released years ago.

Since I’ve always loved K-Pop, I already knew BIGBANG and BTS’s choreo, and I’m familiar with them. But if I go further to the past to artists like H.O.T. or Rain, the dance style itself is so different from now.

— Soobin

So it feels awkward, to be honest,” Soobin admitted. It makes him wonder if he is executing the move properly, but unsurprisingly, he is!

I keep thinking, ‘Am I doing this right?‘ and it turns out I am.

— Soobin

ENHYPEN’s Sunghoon later explained that old style choreographies have more exaggerated moves. Although different, it wasn’t impossible for them to master.

The biggest difference is that for the old style, there aren’t many moves, but we have to make them bigger, more accurate, and add a bounce. I think that’s the key.

— Sunghoon

In case you missed it, watch the full video below.

Source: YouTube