TXT’s Soobin Finds It Hard To Pick An Ideal Type—Here’s Why

He also revealed what his ideal type is.

Idols and celebrities, in general, are often asked the common question, “What’s your ideal type?” While many find the question easy to answer as they know exactly who they want, TXT‘s Soobin has a different opinion on it all.

In a recent live broadcast, Soobin discussed the idea of someone having an idea of ideal types and also answered what his ideal type is.

In the past, many idols answered the question by sharing that they want someone cute or cool, tall or short, but Soobin stated that it’s hard to have an ideal type.

‘What’s your idea type?’ Is there an ideal type? You can’t make things happen.

— Soobin

Since it’s hard to know your ideal type before meeting them, Soobin explained that someone who connects with him well is his ideal type.

Just someone who would get along and attract me. I guess that’s my ideal type.

— Soobin

Check out the video below:

Source: Naver TV