TXT Soobin’s First Time Getting Angry At Hueningkai Had A Touching Reason

“I’m sorry. You’ve done a lot for me.” – Hueningkai

Before TXT debuted, Soobin and Hueningkai stuck together like glue during their trainee days. While they got along well and continue to do so even now, the two recalled the first time Soobin became angry at Hueningkai.

Soobin’s anger hadn’t been directed at Hueningkai. It turned out to be for a reason that was more heartwarming than it seemed.

After asking for Hueningkai’s permission to tell a story from those days, Soobin remembered how the maknae would ask for a wake-up call from his naps. There was one problem.

It wouldn’t be such an easy task in those early days, “And sometimes he asks me to wake him up when he takes a nap. This isn’t a problem now. He easily wakes up in the morning. But he wasn’t like that at all when he was a trainee.

Every one of Soobin’s attempts to wake up Hueningkai would fail, “He wouldn’t wake up no matter what I did. He needed to go to school. So I did whatever I could. But it was so tough because he wouldn’t wake up every time I tried to wake him up.” As anyone else would, he became frustrated.

One day it had become too much for Soobin, and his fiery side emerged, “And, one time, I tried to wake him up, and I snapped and just left the room. And he texted me a few minutes later saying sorry. He said he’d change it.

Soobin’s anger had been dissolved by Hueningkai’s apology, “And I thank him for that. I’m good at making apologies now. But I really wasn’t at that time. And receiving his apology just a few minutes later, I couldn’t be angry at him any longer.” Just thinking about it had him wrapping an arm around Hueningkai, “That was the first time I got angry at him.

Remembering it as well, Hueningkai realized how caring Soobin had been to him. “I’m sorry. You’ve done a lot for me. Other members would just leave because it was too hard.” That’s precisely why he’d become so angry. He hadn’t been angry at Hueningkai but for him.

Soobin cared so much about taking care of Hueningkai and making sure he was on the right track, “But, he had to go to school. I couldn’t let him skip school, so I tried to wake him up. I got upset because he wouldn’t even move.” He’d meant well and realized his mistake, “I shouldn’t have, but I snapped. But I was okay as soon as he apologized. Thank you for that.

Everyone has a moment when their emotions get a little out of control. Soobin only wanted what was best for Hueningkai, who appreciated his efforts. See them talk about it lightheartedly, from 35:29.