TXT’s Soobin Has Found His First Idol Friend In AB6IX’s Daehwi

Soobin is spreading his social butterfly wings.

hatWhen TXT were once asked to name any idols they were friends with, Soobin didn’t have any to name.

At the Seoul Music Awards, it seems like that answer no longer applies. When AB6IX and TXT were both seated at the same table, there was a friendly interaction between him and Daehwi that proved it wrong.

While TXT were sitting down at the table, they were all focused on what was happening on stage. With his head facing forward, Soobin was utterly engrossed, barely moving. That changed when someone walked near him.

From behind him, Daehwi strolled by, not missing his chance to have a cute moment. He reached out a hand and seemingly pinched Soobin’s cheek. Signaling how close they’ve become, Soobin hadn’t been surprised. In fact, he had the complete opposite reaction.

Soobin turned to him and didn’t hesitate to smile at Daehwi. The two even had a small conversation as Daehwi took his seat across the table from him.

It appears that the time they’ve spent being co-hosts for Mnet‘s MCountdown has enabled them to grow closer. Who knew Soobin and Daehwi was the idol friendship everyone needed?

See the cute and short interaction between them, which means more than it seems.