TXT’s Soobin Handles His Hat Flying Off Like A Total Professional

MOAs thought it was part of the performance.

After dropping the music video for “Angel Or Devil”, TXT have begun promotions for the song.


During their first stage to promote it, leader Soobin ran into a minor issue.

Toward the end of the performance, he moved to the center and slayed his lines. It was his return back to the side where things took an unexpected turn.

As soon as he stepped to the side and moved into the next dance move, Soobin’s hat went flying right off his head. It was so unexpected he couldn’t hide his small smile.

Other than that, Soobin didn’t give any indication that it happened and finished the stage without any more surprises.

When viewing their stage as a whole, no one could even tell that Soobin’s hat flew off. It was on his head, then suddenly it wasn’t.

Fans couldn’t tell the difference and praised how smooth he handled it.

No matter what, Soobin knows how to remain professional. See his hat fly away from him here, from both angles.