15 Times TXT’s Soobin And HueningKai Were Too UWU For Words

These sweet moments are “leader-maknae goals”.

TXT‘s Soobin and HueningKai have a leader-maknae relationship that’s just too cute to describe. Here are some of their most adorable moments so far!


1. When Soobin laughed so much that he fell into HueningKai


2. When Soobin gave TXT’s “baby” this piggyback


3. This moment of ultimate dorkiness


4. Every time HueningKai got a little clingy…


5. …and Soobin did too


6. When the maknae helped his confused leader nail a pose


7. When HueningKai said that looking cute was his only sleeping habit, Soobin made a face. Then they had a staring contest behind the other members’ backs.


8. When HueningKai jumped at the chance to make a heart with Soobin


9. The most adorable hug ever


10. When they held hands at their fan meeting…


11. …and while going up the stairs


12. When they matched each other’s pose


13. When Soobin moved HueningKai into the correct spot


14. When they took this sweet selfie


15. When Soobin felt so embarrassed that he just had to smack someone. That someone was HueningKai!