TXT’s Soobin Shares What Kind Of Boyfriend He Would Be

This is so heartwarming!

TXT recently guested on an episode of Weekly Idol, and during the episode, Soobin was asked what kind of boyfriend he would be.

TXT’s Soobin

Soobin shared that he’s not the type to make plans or lead a relationship and that he would probably just be “obedient” towards his girlfriend.

If his girlfriend were to suggest something, then Soobin would agree to whatever it is.

The hosts then asked Soobin what he would do if his girlfriend were to get upset.

Hueningkai then cleverly started acting like an upset girlfriend, and the other members couldn’t help but laugh.

Soobin played along with him and showed that if his girlfriend were to get upset, then he would apologize and hug her.

The hosts commented on how sweet and gentle Soobin is and then asked Yeonjun what Soobin’s personality is like. Yeonjun shared that Soobin is like the mom of the group and that he uplifts the members’ mood all the time.

Here’s the full video below!