TXT’s Soobin Is Loved By Older People, Here’s How He Wins Them Over

It comes naturally to the lovable leader.

TXT‘s Yeonjun isn’t the only member who’s loved by older people. Though they have different charms, Soobin shared why he’s popular among older people as well.

Soobin and Yeonjun. | @TXT_members/Twitter

The idol read a fan’s comment on how their mom “really, really likes” Soobin. It wasn’t the first time Soobin had heard the compliment.

Soobin was aware of the “appeal” he had to older people, sharing the reason why he thinks they’re drawn to him.

With a bright smile, Soobin proudly said, “They find me attractive and likable.

While many love seeing how charismatic the leader can be, on and off stage, older people are focused on the opposite.

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They love Soobin’s approachable looks and relatable personality. Many would agree.

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Source: Naver Live