TXT Soobin’s Manners Are So Next Level He Censored A Curse Word AND Apologized

He went the extra mile for listeners and viewers.

As the lovable MC for KBS‘s Music Bank, many idols have gushed about how well-mannered and friendly TXT‘s Soobin is. From a brief moment from a performance on DAY6’s Kiss The Radio, Soobin proved just that with his adorable manners.

Soobin | @day6_kisstheradio/Instagram

When the group guest-starred on the radio show, they couldn’t go without performing their title track “LO$ER=LO♡ER”. In the process, they had to make a few small changes.

Since Soobin’s line in the music video uses an English curse word, “Refuse, then I f*ckin’ take it all,” they opted for something that didn’t change the meaning.

Soobin instead used the family-friendly lyrics found on the album and for stage performances. With a smile, he sang, “Refuse, then I freakin’ take it all.” Still, that wasn’t quite enough for Soobin.

Knowing listeners of all ages would be tuning in, Soobin couldn’t help but bow in apology. His smile afterward made the moment even more adorable.

No matter what situation he’s in, Soobin is always ready to make everyone feel at ease with his manners.

Check out the brief but impactful moment that caused fans to love Soobin even more.