TXT’s Soobin Handles His Runaway Microphone Like A True Professional

Obstacles work hard, but Soobin works harder.

After revealing their music video for “Can’t You See Me?”, TXT have been promoting their new title track along with a special stage for “Drama”.

During a performance for the latter on SBS‘s InkigayoSoobin encountered a problem with his microphone that he handled like the ultimate professional. He proved precisely why the group was deemed monster rookies.

Less than a minute into the stage, Soobin couldn’t avoid an issue with his equipment. He was captured adjusting the headset during a quick break in the choreography. Afterward, he effortlessly found the camera and smiled as if nothing had happened. That was only the beginning.

The headset had soon shaken loose somehow and fallen onto his shoulder. When it was Soobin’s turn to stand in the center, he attempted to fix it but couldn’t within the small time frame. Still, he knocked out the next part of the choreography before giving it another try.

Finding himself on the side and out of view, Soobin quickly latched onto the microphone that had tried to get away from him. He finally adjusted it where it needed to be. Unfortunately, that didn’t solve all his problems.

The microphone refused to stay where Soobin needed it to be. With a year of experience under his belt, he didn’t let it stop him from doing what he had to do. Like a true professional, he would grab the microphone whenever he needed it and held it up to his mouth.

Idols are always supposed to put on their best performances, despite whatever problems arise on stage. The mark of an experienced one is how well they react to those unplanned situations.

Check out how smoothly Soobin handled the headset that tried to get away here. If he hadn’t caught it in time, it could’ve fallen all the way to the floor.