Fans Are Enamored By TXT Soobin’s Impeccable Manners Towards OH MY GIRL’s Arin

Did you realize?

OH MY GIRL‘s Arin and TXT‘s Soobin are known as the lovable “Ahkong” duo on Music Bank! As their contracts as MCs have recently been renewed, the two performed a rendition of “Secret Garden” and “No Rules” as a special stage. What fans noticed, however, made them fall even harder for Soobin.

The height difference between the two was originally quite huge, with Arin being 165cm and Soobin 185cm. The 20cm difference really stood out during their previous performance of “Dolphin”.

Similarly, the difference was stark in “Secret Garden”.

However, during the ending pose for “No Rules”, fans realized that they were almost the same height.

Just how did that happen? Upon taking a look at the wider angle fancam of the performance, fans found out that Soobin had been doing “manner legs” all along.

“Manner legs” are when the taller person spreads out their stance a little to appear shorter. This tactic is often used especially when the camera only captures the upper body. Fans realized that he had been doing it for most of the performance!

What a heart-fluttering moment. Check out the adorable performance below.

Source: pann