TXT’s Soobin Picks His Favorite ENHYPEN Song

From the dance to the song, Soobin’s taste was top tier.

With TXT being ENHYPEN‘s seniors, they not only have a group chat to stay in touch but make sure to support each other’s music. When Soobin had to choose a favorite song from the rookie group, he didn’t hesitate to name which song earned the top spot.

Sunoo, Sunghoon, Soobin, and Jake. | @day6_kisstheradio/Instagram

While taking music requests from fans during his live broadcast, one MOA suggested Soobin should play ENHYPEN’s “FEVER”.

Soobin voiced his support for his juniors by pointing out there “are a lot of good ENHYPEN songs.” It even reminded him of which song he enjoyed the most.

He chose the song that introduced them as an official group to the world. Soobin said, “I personally like ‘Given-Taken’.

Soobin couldn’t resist dancing to one of the choreography’s signature moves. He then shared what he found so special about “Given-Taken”.

Soobin loved how ENHYPEN effortlessly balances their youthfulness with their mature sides, showing their distinct color as a group.

They look young. It’s a sexy, attractive concept but still, the members are young and cute. They are so charming.

I know I’m not the one to say it, but they are young and youthful. How nice.

— Soobin

From hyping up their music to sending them funny messages, Soobin is the best older brother ENHYPEN could ask for.

| @TXT_members/Twitter

Check out Soobin’s pick for yourself.

Source: Naver Live