TXT’s Soobin Tried To Get Compliments From His Members But It Hilariously Backfired—Here’s What Happened

They love to lovingly tease their leader!

TXT recently sat down for a fun question and answer video that was uploaded to their YouTube channel. One of the questions the members received asked “Do you have something you’d like to hear from the members?” While this could have been a touching moment, the members hilariously took it as a chance to tease one another.

Taehyun stated it off sweetly and wanted to hear, “I’m happy” from his members. In response, Soobin commented on the exact words which ultimately made Taehyun smile.

Not only because we’re ending this section, but I hope they’ll (the members) say that they’re happy.

— Taehyun

For the group’s maknae, Hueningkai wished to receive a compliment from hyungs. Hueningkai asked his members to name him the pride of their team. Once again, leader Soobin came through and complimented Hueningaki with the words he wanted to hear.

Since it can be anything, ‘You’re the pride of our team.’ I want to hear that from you guys.

— Hueningkai

Soobin also wanted to hear compliments from his members, especially from Beomgyu and Yeonjun. To his answer, all the members exploded with laughter.

I’m not sure if I can say this, can I hear it from you guys right away? The members who usually say they’re the visual of our team, Beomgyu and Yeonjun. Even though you say that. I wanted you to secretly think, ‘You’re more good looking than I am.’ Could the self-acclaimed No.1 visuals of our team say it out loud please? ‘Even though I say that I’m the most good looking member…I actually think you’re more good looking than me.’

— Soobin

With Beomgyu following Soobin’s turn, he teasingly asked for Soobin to address him as “Our main visual” and, of course, it made everyone giggle.

I want to hear from Soobin… ‘Our main visual Beomgyu, please let your face shine again this year for us.’ I want you to say it out loud.

— Beomgyu

Of course, Yeonjun couldn’t miss out on his chance to tease the leader as well and also asked Soobin to compliment his visuals. They are just like brothers messing with each other it’s too adorable for MOAs to handle.

Oh I want Soobin to tell me…’You’re more good looking than me, Yeonjun.’


Soobin teased his Beomgyu and Yeonjun and worked his way around not saying the exact words the two wanted to hear.

Don’t worry Soobin, if you can’t hear it from your members, MOAs will surely tell you everything you’d like to hear!

Check out the video below: