TXT’s Soobin’s Reaction To Finally Meeting His Idol Bebe Rexha Is Absolutely Precious

It’s the moment he’d been waiting years for.

If you know TXT‘s Soobin, you know there’s one American artist he can’t stop gushing about any time he gets the chance. Whether he’s naming an artist he wishes to collaborate with or recommending a song, it’s always the same: Bebe Rexha.

Since listening to her music for the first time three years ago, he’s been a fan ever since and hoped to meet her someday. In a recent Instagram live, that dream finally came true.

Although they couldn’t meet in person for obvious reasons, Soobin was able to meet his favorite artist for the first time through video. After experiencing some funny technical difficulties, they were able to connect to each other successfully.

As soon as the top of Bebe Rexha’s head appeared, Soobin was already over the moon. He excitedly waved a hand in greeting before giving a thumbs up to signal that it worked, all with a bright smile on his face.

While they had fun conversations, it was toward the end where Soobin really tapped into his fanboy mode.

Bebe Rexha thanked the group for spending some time with her. Showing her thanks, she blew them a kiss. She then said, “I love you, Soobin. I love you guys all.”

Everyone followed her queue and blew kisses back. Instead, Soobin freaked out. He adorably jumped back, covering his entire face with his hands.

The hilariously heart-warming reaction even made Bebe Rexha laugh and smile. To make sure Soobin was fine, Yeonjun had to check on him, placing a hand around the back of his head.

Watch Soobin enter his ultimate fanboy mode after finally achieving his dream of meeting Bebe Rexha here.