TXT’s Soobin Refused To Reenact Famous “Secret Garden” Scene With Yeonjun

Soobin didn’t want any parts of it.

During TXT‘s Taehyun‘s birthday live broadcast, Soobin and Yeonjun had a hilarious moment where the latter wanted to reenact a scene from the iconic drama Secret Garden.

With all the cakes and sweets laid out before them to celebrate Taehyun’s birthday, Yeonjun was more than ready to sink his teeth into one of them. Spotting a strawberry, he set his eyes on it, asking Beomgyu to pass it to him.

At first, Beomgyu didn’t want to, joking that Yeonjun should do it himself. He didn’t leave him hanging, though. Taking the palette knife they’d used to cut one of the cakes, Beomgyu picked it up and fed it to Yeonjun. Soobin was right there, holding a hand beneath if it slipped. That’s when Yeonjun got an idea.

Since the strawberry had frosting on the end of it from using the palette knife on the chocolate cake, Yeojnun pretended he’d gotten it on his lips. He then turned to Soobin, waiting and watching to see if he’d react how he’d planned.

It didn’t phase Soobin one bit. He merely continued chewing his food as he looked at Yeonjun, clueless as to what he’d expected him to do. After licking the chocolate away, Yeonjun asked, “Didn’t you watch the drama Secret Garden?”

Although Soobin didn’t quite answer the question, he scratched his head and smiled as he asked, “You want me to wipe your mouth?”

Yeonjun had been referring to the scene where Ha Ji Won‘s character Gil Ra Im took a sip of coffee and got foam on her lips. Instead of wiping it off, Hyun Bin‘s character Kim Joo Won removed it with his own lips in a surprise kiss.

Of course, Yeonjun probably just wanted to see if Soobin would know what scene he was reenacting. On top of not knowing, his reaction made it funnier. Soobin made it known he was definitely not playing along.

See a clueless Soobin not participating in any of Yeonjun’s shenanigans here, starting from 19:07. Check out the iconic kiss scene here as well.