TXT’s Soobin Reports Fans’ Comments, But Not For The Reason You’d Think

If you ever get reported by Soobin, it’s actually an honor.

In the latest live broadcast of TXT‘s Soobin, he confessed something that wouldn’t usually have fans laughing: he reports their comments.


Although it may seem more than a little wild, the reason why he does it is far less crazy than it sounds. That’s what makes it even funnier to MOAs.

When Soobin took a break from his mukbang, he scrolled through the comments like normal, checking to see which ones he would answer. That’s when he suddenly wanted to make a confession to fans.

Every time he chooses a comment to address or question to answer, he presses the report option. Thinking that fans would get the wrong idea, he did mention that it’s a bad habit of his. Why does he do it?

Whenever I pick a comment, I press report. So, it’s kind of bad.

As the tallest person at Big Hit Entertainment, Soobin has rather large hands, especially when seen next to BTS‘s Jimin‘s. Because of that, he already knows he’ll report comments as he scrolls and reads them, even when he doesn’t mean to.

I think I am going to report something.

MOAs aren’t upset about it one bit. They’re laughing at the fact that he’s the only idol who shows his love for fans in this way.

Soobin is genuinely one of a kind, even when he’s not trying to be. If he ever reports you, you’re just one of the lucky ones who’ve had their comment answered.

Since cell phones are slowly getting bigger in size each year, there’ll soon be one that’s the perfect size for him. Watch Soobin admit to accidentally, but kind of on purpose, reporting MOAs’ comments starting at 43:16.