TXT Soobin Reveals How He Feels When Reading Negative Comments

“It’s really difficult having a job, like a singer or an entertainer, that’s exposed to the public.”

Before TXT debuted and afterward, there were high expectations for the Big Hit Entertainment group that would follow BTS. With their consistent releases, TXT displayed their own identity and reached their own accomplishments worthy of the title “Monster Rookies.”

Despite their efforts, there are always those who have negative things to say about the group. Soobin admitted that he did indeed see those comments and opened up about what goes through his mind when reading them.

Soobin revealed that he and Taehyun had a discussion about the negativity that comes with being a public figure, “Taehyun and I talked about that once. We were walking around the neighborhood at dawn and talking. It’s really difficult having a job, like a singer or an entertainer, that’s exposed to the public.

Because their identities are public knowledge, they don’t have a shield to hide behind and instantly become the target of hateful comments. He admitted some times made him question why he’d received them, “A lot of things happened that made me think, ‘Did I do something to warrant this much criticism? That wasn’t my intention.’

Most of the time, those comments angered Soobin. He didn’t think they were deserved. Without a way to speak out against them, it’s no wonder he would be so affected by them, “A lot of times, I feel it’s unfair. I feel frustrated and upset.” Despite the negativity, fans’ positivity is what truly kept them grounded.

Recalling the conversation he once had with Taehyun, they both agreed that all they needed was the support of a few fans to keep going. With that in mind, they could handle the negativity that came their way.

But Taehyun and I were talking about how, no matter how upset or frustrated we are, if there are just a handful of people who support us and like us, we wanted to work hard for those people. We talked about that once.

After that discussion with Taehyun, it made Soobin view those negative comments a bit differently. He instead focused on what he could improve and face his inexperience, “Seeing the comments now, it makes me think. I have a lot of shortcomings. I actually think that I have more weaknesses than strengths. I’m naive and green.

Although Soobin’s not one hundred percent confident in himself, he was grateful for MOAs to see them.

But because you like me so much, you think even my weaknesses are my strengths, so I’m really thankful for that. Because you’re so nice, I want to try harder for you. I want to highlight my strengths, cover my shortcomings, and do a good job. That’s what I’m thinking.

Whether an individual is a celebrity or not, no one can escape the negativity of others. The important part is not letting them make you unhappy, which is easier said than done.

See Soobin open up about how those negative comments made him feel, as an idol, and how he kept himself from feeding into it, starting from 45:17.