TXT’s Soobin Reveals Why He Hid Their Title Track’s Name From His Mom

They weren’t keeping it secret from their families; Soobin avoided it for another reason.

For TXT‘s first appearance on Weekly Idol, the group answered some fresh new questions posed by the hosts.

In the process, leader Soobin came clean about hiding the name of their debut title track from his mom when she’d asked.

Since the unique names of their title tracks have become their signature, Kwanghee asked what they’d initially thought when hearing their debut title track “Crown” or “One Day Horns Grew From My Head”.

Everyone remained silent while they looked toward Yeonjun. He was the only one who’d been a major fan of the long-winded name, “I like it a lot. It wasn’t obvious. There was no title quite like this one yet.” Beomgyu offered, “It was unique. I thought it was good.”

Since Soobin had been noticeably quiet, Kwanghee asked him to chime in. That’s when he revealed that he kept it from his mom, “My mom asked me what the title of our debut song was, but I couldn’t bring myself to tell her.”

Instead, he had to resort to telling his mom a lie to cover up how embarrassed he was by the unique name. Soobin made everyone laugh by saying, “I told her, ‘We don’t have the title yet.'”

Soobin hadn’t yet grown accustomed to the name himself and couldn’t bear to share it with his mom. It was too unusual, “I kept beating around the bush, then told her when the title was released to the public. I told her only then.”

With names such as “I Wait For You At Platform Nine And Three Quarters” for “Run Away” and “The Night The World Burned Down, We…” for “Can’t You See Me?”, the long names make an impact. Who could blame him for wanting to hide it the first time he’d heard it?

Image credit: SBS‘s Inkigayo

Because it was their first time hearing such a long, unique title, it would be a little embarrassing. A year later, those same long names have become iconic. No one’s doing it like TXT. See Soobin talk about his embarrassingly funny moment of lying to his mom until he couldn’t hide it anymore.