TXT’s Soobin Reveals How He Joined Big Hit Entertainment

He was determined to join the company.

During a segment of We K-Pop, TXT‘s Taehyun incorrectly answered how Soobin joined Big Hit Entertainment, thinking it had been through an audition.


MC Kim Shin Young then urged Soobin to step in and give the correct answer.

Rather than an audition, Soobin had joined by sending in an email. Curious what he’d included in it, she asked him to elaborate.

Unlike other idols who were cast on the street or through open auditions, Soobin revealed that he’d taken a video with his phone and included it in the email.

I took a video with my phone and emailed it.

Out of all the members, it makes leader Soobin the only one who did so. Watch him discuss his eagerness to join the company here.