TXT’s Soobin Reveals Why He Was Misunderstood As “Heartless” During Trainee Days

The other trainees were so far off the mark that he’s still laughing about it.

Compared to their trainee days, every member of TXT has grown from the individuals they used to be back then. During a past live broadcast, Taehyun even admitted that Soobin was one of the members that changed the most.

While reading a fan’s story in the third episode of Speak Out For You, Soobin revealed something about him that hasn’t quite changed but made a funny misunderstanding happen between him and other trainees.

Soobin jumped right into reading the story of a young fan:

Hello. I’m a MOA in eighth grade and living in Daegu. My friends say that I’m ‘heartless,’ that I don’t fit with ‘cuteness,’ but I want to look cute. ‘Hey guys, I’m cute. I’m full of charms. I’ll show off my charms from now on.

After finishing the story, Soobin could completely relate to what they were experiencing, “Me too.” He’d run into the same problem because of the way he looked, “With a straight face, [I] look a little scary.”

Thinking back, Soobin opened up about an experience from the past. He confessed, “New trainees also thought that I seem ‘heartless.'” It had been the same situation the fan was going through.

Based on his facial expression alone, the new trainees thought he looked too serious and cold, “…not cute at all, when I have a straight face.” They soon learned they’d been wrong all along. If you’ve seen Soobin play around, he’s as fluffy as the rabbit fans call him.

Giving the fan hope that they could show their cute side, Soobin revealed, “Since I have some daily charms, those around me recognize my cuteness… If you show off your charms, people will recognize it!”

When it comes to facial expressions, they can’t always be taken at face value. Sometimes people who are showing a blank face, like Soobin, aren’t trying to look cold or mean. They’re just not showing any emotion.

If the sweet Soobin could be misunderstood as “heartless” or cold, then it can happen to anyone. Fortunately, his true personality was able to shine through, just like the fan’s will. Listen to him give advice to the MOA and reveal a funny story from his trainee days.