TXT’s Soobin Reveals The Thoughtful Words Hueningkai Said To Touch His Heart

Hueningkai may be the maknae, but it won’t stop him from taking care of his hyungs.

In an interview with BuzzFeed, each member of TXT shared the sweet words the others had once said to them.


As the leader, Soobin has a lot of responsibility in the group. That’s a lot of weight on one person’s shoulders and why the sweet words Hueningkai once said to him had touched his heart.

Even though Hueningkai is the youngest member, he worries about his older members, especially Soobin. He told Soobin that he would be there for him whenever he needed someone to talk to. Hueningkai wants to support him in whatever way he can, even if it’s a simple conversation.

You can come talk to me whenever. I really want to be there for you if you’d ever need.

Sometimes, no one can help you solve your issues. Knowing that there’s someone who will comfort you by being a shoulder to lean on is all you need. The fact that Hueningkai wanted to do that for him really made him feel loved.

It really touched me.

No wonder the words are something Soobin has never forgotten. Who would’ve thought the maknae could be so dependable?

Source: BuzzFeed