TXT’s Soobin Reveals His Thoughts On BTS’s “Dynamite”

Everyone was waiting for the fanboy to weigh in.

With all of TXT being major fans of their Big Hit Entertainment seniors BTS long before joining the company, everyone was looking forward to how they’d react to the latest release “Dynamite”.

In Soobin‘s latest live broadcast, he expressed his thoughts on how he’d felt about the music video.

Soobin read a fan’s question aloud, “Have you listened to the new BTS song?” His response was immediate, “‘Dynamite’. Yes, I have.

He was so eager for the release that he’d been waiting for it to drop during his break as Music Bank host, “I was on the set of Music Bank. I was waiting on YouTube and watched it on the Big Hit channel at one p.m. sharp.

All of Soobin’s waiting hadn’t left him disappointed, “I could watch it as soon as it was released because it was a break. I love the song.” There was something he particularly enjoyed about the music video, though.

The way the members were able to let loose and have a bit of fun attracted his notice. “The music video… How can I say this? They seemed free in it. They were dancing and moving freely in front of the camera.

Since anyone could be a little anxious with a camera trained on them, Soobin appreciated how BTS could act so naturally. “I could tell how experienced they are. It was amazing. I don’t think I can do that if I was asked to do whatever I want in front of the camera.

It’s the little details that make all the difference in taking a music video over the top. Check out Soobin appreciating how BTS’s experience shined in “Dynamite”, around 52 minutes in.