TXT Soobin’s Skin Care Routine Shows Off His Flawless Barefaced Visuals

He looked handsome every step of the way.

TXT‘s Soobin took his fans, nicknamed MOAs, through his nightly skincare routine in a vlog posted on the group’s YouTube channel. He filmed while on the worldwide Act: Lovesick tour.


After showering, Soobin put his hair up with a headband, showing off his handsome face. The first step in his routine was applying a generous amount of foam cleanser and scrubbing his skin thoroughly.

Next, Soobin washed the foam cleanser off and applied moisturizer. On particularly dry days, he also advised using a face pack.

After letting the products set for 10 minutes, he washed his face with water and used two toning pads to smooth his skin.

Soobin then applied essence and ample, making sure to spread both evenly. Lastly, he used cream as the final product layer over his face.

Now ready for bed, Soobin had to compliment his own skin. He looked like a prince ready to rule his kingdom!

Watch the full vlog below. Soobin begins his nightly skincare routine at the 4:00 mark.