TXT Soobin’s Award Mix-Up With ITZY Will Make You Soft

Soobin may have been just a little embarrassed by the accident.

The 2020 Soribada Best K-Music Awards caused some adorably funny moments between TXT and ITZY.

On top of Yeonjun spending so much time with MOAs that he cutely forgot about ITZY preparing for their “WANNABE” stage next, Soobin had his own moment that was just as amusingly soft. Their leader accidentally mixed up the two groups’ awards.

As TXT walked on stage to accept their award, Soobin did what the leader typically does. Leading the way, he was the first to approach the table and pick up their award. When he walked away and looked down at it, he noticed it wasn’t their trophy he’d picked up.

Since they hadn’t been the only group to win the New Hallyu Artist Award, both of the awards had their separate group names written on them. After he spotted ITZY’s name on it, Soobin stopped in his tracks and turned back around.

Sticking to him like glue, Hueningkai couldn’t resist stopping as well and following him back to the table. With him and Beomgyu watching, Soobin gently set down ITZY’s award back in its place.

Not wasting any more time from the minor mishap, Soobin swiftly picked up the correct award and once again led the way to the front of the stage for their acceptance speech. While the mishap was adorable all on its own, it was his expression afterward that’ll make you genuinely soft.

As Soobin turned away, he’d looked down at the award to make sure it indeed was the right one. He had the cutest smile on his face as he chuckled to himself. Though the mix-up was a first, it fit his personality.

Whether it be forgetting his lines or mixing up awards, Soobin always manages to turn those mishaps into adorable ones, showing how much of a cinnamon roll he really is.