TXT’s Soobin’s Social Life Is A Disaster Because Of His Relatable Texting Habits

Many people are guilty of doing this.

The day before TXT kicked off their “Good Boy Gone Bad” promotions, leader Soobin sat down for a casual interview with South Korean rapper, Lee Young Ji.

TXT’s Soobin | @TXT_members/Twitter

Soobin’s episode was the first of Lee Young Ji’s new video series. To work out her nerves, she prepared for the interview by drinking alcohol and making a specialty beverage for Soobin. By the time he arrived, her pre-interview jitters were gone and the lively interview commenced.

During the interview, Soobin was hilariously surprised on multiple occasions by what Lee Young Ji knew about him. Lee Young Ji jokingly told him it was how her show made money.

One of the little-known facts was that Soobin was horrible at responding to text messages.

Young Ji shared she was also bad at responding, saying she had a good reason behind it. She explained, “Instead of making an awkward vibe with my last reply, it’s better for that person to end the conversation.

Soobin agreed and shared his reasoning was similar.

Soobin further explained that since his notifications are turned on, he can preview the message and is no longer curious about what it is. The lack of curiosity often leads to him forgetting to respond.

Relatably, he frequently receives messages while watching TV and intends to respond after the program but doesn’t remember to until it’s too late.

Young Ji hilariously responded, “Your social life must be a disaster right now…” Soobin agreed and replied, “I don’t have many friends.

The few friends Soobin does have are often busy, leaving Soobin by himself when he has a break in his schedule.

To pass the time, he shared that he stays home and watches anime, which has become his recent obsession. His favorite show is currently Jujutsu Kaisen, which he highly recommended to Young Ji and the show’s viewers.

To see the rest of the chaotic interview, check out the full video below!