TXT’s Soobin Has A Special Way Of Waking Up His Fellow Members

It’s called “Soobin’s Way.”

The TXT members’ playfulness was on full display when they decided to wake up Beomgyu using “Soobin‘s Way.”

TXT’s Beomgyu
TXT’s Soobin

In episode 40 of TO DO, TXT was doing yoga, and there were many “painful” moments.

The members later were on their backs and relaxing their bodies.

After some time, the instructor told the members that it was time to get up, and he noticed that Beomgyu had fallen asleep!

Once the instructor said this, the members were a little surprised.

The members didn’t want to waste this “golden opportunity,” so they asked Soobin to wake him up in “Soobin’s Way.”

Soobin then repeatedly “slapped” Beomgyu’s thigh, and Beomgyu woke up with a smile on his face.

Beomgyu must have been really tired!

TXT’s Beomgyu
Source: Naver Live