TXT’s Soobin And Taehyun’s Reactions To Beomgyu Forgetting Their Greeting Is Relatable AF

There’s always that one person; his name is Beomgyu.

At the end of a clip where TXT answered questions from fans, they had reached their limit for the day. That’s when Soobin asked if they should finally say goodbye to fans.


Like the leader usually does, he started their signature greeting. This time, it didn’t go as smoothly as usual, thanks to Beomgyu.

He had forgotten the correct wording. The mistake made Soobin and Taehyun look at him with shocked faces. Soobin moved to cover his opened mouth while Taehyun didn’t even try to hide his surprise.

Soobin was so taken aback by Beomgyu’s mistake that he couldn’t avoid mentioning that it was something they’d been saying for at least half a year. The fact that Beomgyu forgot wasn’t something they’d been at all prepared for.

Oh, my. We’ve been doing this for longer than 6 months…

There’s always one person who can’t seem to remember things they continuously do. It appears Beomgyu is one of those people. They did, however, successfully complete the greeting. See Soobin and Taehyun stare in shock at Beomgyu starting at 4:45.