TXT’s Soobin Once Told Big Hit Music He Wanted To Quit—Here’s How They Convinced Him To Stay

They managed to change his mind.

Training to be an idol isn’t a walk in the park, and TXT‘s Soobin knows this better than many others. He talked about his pre-debut struggles in a past interview with Weverse Magazine.

As a trainee, Soobin believed that it took him longer than other trainees to improve. He would watch them progress to the top while he was still at the bottom.

I improved more slowly than others. When I started out as a trainee, while others were progressing up to the top levels, I was stuck at the lower end.

— Soobin

He increasingly felt the pressure and began thinking he wasn’t good enough. When the stress reached its peak, he told Big Hit Music in passing that he wanted to quit.

I felt like I wasn’t good enough and got stressed out. So finally, I cautiously mentioned in passing that I wanted to quit.

— Soobin

Instead of accepting it, they showed him his monthly reports, which were always increasing even if only slightly. They reassuringly told him to continue to do his best because “It will get better.

The company showed me my monthly reports. My scores were climbing consistently, even if only in very small steps of 0.1 points. They told me, ‘It will get better. It might feel slow, but just keep up the hard work.

— Soobin

Soobin changed his mind that day and was soon at the top. As fans would know, the rest is history!

I was very grateful they told me that. I didn’t give up and I tried my best, and by the time I was through with monthly evaluations, I had surged to the top.

— Soobin

Source: Weverse Magazine