TXT Switched Up Their Opinions On Soobin’s Nickname Real Fast When They Learned Of Its True Significance

They all like turtles now.🐢

During a T:TIME video, TXT held a typing contest, competing against one another. First, they had to select nicknames before beginning.

Hueningkai chose “VeggiePunch” because he’s “healthy” and those he “punches” will become healthy too. Taehyun‘s nickname that he selected was “YesRules” because he was listening to their song “No Rules” when he was asked to pick earlier. Beomgyu chose the very appropriate nickname of “I’mTheBestBEOMGYU.” Similarly, Yeonjun selected “YongsanHotGuy.”

Lastly, the one that everyone was quite curious about was Soobin‘s nickname. He explained that he chose simply “Turtle.”

He invited others to give their opinion of his new name and, surprisingly, they responded quite negatively. Yeonjun bluntly said, “I don’t like it.” 

After receiving such a negative response, Soobin then shared his reasons behind his selection of the seemingly unpopular nickname. He explained, “This is what my mother used to call me when I was young.”

After that, the members switched up on him real fast. Suddenly, they were saying positive things like, “Turtle is nice,” “They’re the icon of persistence. …You never give up and push on till the end,” “Wow, that’s why,” and our personal favorite response, “My boxing instructor liked turtles.” 👁️👄👁️

Yeonjun who had previously been so negative claimed, “When my friends ask me if I like something, I go ‘Turtle, turtle'” Yeah, sure, you do, Yeonjun… 🤔

Soobin concluded his explanation saying that his mom would call him either a “puppy” or “turtle,” to which Yeonjun responded, “You really are like a puppy!” 

Soobin’s feelings didn’t seem too hurt by the previous comments because he returned the compliment by telling Yeonjun that he was like a “YongsanHotGuy.”

Check out the full video below: