TXT Soobin’s Viral Reaction To A Fan Wanting To “Kidnap” Him Is Priceless

Soobin wasn’t the only one laughing by the end.

Although TXT‘s Soobin has received tons of love from being an MC for Music Bank, he’s also gained new fans from his viral reaction to a fan thinking he’s so adorable they wanted to snatch him up.


During one of his many live broadcasts, Soobin snacked on some ice cream and read fans’ comments. He quickly spotted one that made him laugh.

Soobin and Beomgyu.

Soobin asked, “You want to kidnap me?” and burst into laughter. Though his initial reaction left viewers amused, what followed made the moment funnier.

After laughing at the comment, the serious side of it settled in, causing Soobin’s facial expression to quickly change to one of concern.

The moment had many chuckling at seeing the gears turning in Soobin’s head and ready to protect the idol from anyone that would do him harm.

Check out Soobin bringing joy to over half a million viewers with his humorous reaction.