TXT Soobin’s Way Of Showing Excitement For BTS’s Jin Is Too Precious

Fanboy Soobin came out to play in an adorable way.

TXT recently released behind the scenes footage from their time at the 2019 MAMA‘s that featured a brief appearance from BTS.

Although it was short, a funny moment between Soobin and Jin from the clip has fans laughing over how much of a fanboy Soobin is.

All of TXT were standing together, holding signs with the music program’s name on it as they moved along to the music playing. That’s when Jimin was the first member to pass by, causing them to turn around.

They all bowed as the rest of the BTS members passed by. When Soobin saw Jin coming, that all changed. He wanted to show his excitement through more than bowing.

It appeared as if Soobin had gone the extra step of reaching out his hand for a handshake. Jin seemed to grant it. What happened next is what had everyone chuckling.

Once Soobin had received what he’d wanted, his reaction was the ultimate definition of adorable. He did the cutest little butt wiggle to show how happy he’d been by the small interaction.

Even when he’d turned back around, Soobin has the brightest smile on his face. No one could rain on his parade.

Jin can have different effects on people, from being stunned by his worldwide handsome looks to amazed by his vocals. Who knew a little butt wiggling from excitement would be one of them?

Watch fanboy Soobin’s excited reaction to his handshake with Jin here.