TXT’s Soobin Is Whipped For ENHYPEN’s Sunghoon And Loving It

He wanted everyone to know how well they get along.

In TXT and ENHYPEN‘s PLAYGROUND special, the two groups brought laughter and created sweet memories together. Along the way, Soobin couldn’t stop showering Sunghoon with all of his affection.

To prove how close he and Sunghoon were, Soobin asked him, “You’re comfortable with me, right? Call my name.

Though he’s shy, Sunghoon adorably called him “Soobin hyung.” Soobin immediately smiled while saying, “See? We’re so close now.

When Sunghoon fulfilled his request of calling his name one more time, Soobin couldn’t resist going in for a hug. In fact, Soobin couldn’t stop giving his junior ALL the hugs.

As soon as Sunghoon voiced how hard they were working, Soobin went right in for a hug and said, “He’s so cute!” Sunghoon smiled just as bright from the compliment.

Sunghoon then mentioned he was “really nervous” about filming. That was all Soobin needed to latch onto him and laugh at how cute he was.

Whatever Sunghoon does, Soobin will be right there to gush over how cute he is. Watch the adorable moments between them here.