The Actor So Tall That TXT’s Soobin Wore Insoles To Stand Next To Him

Soobin was actually worried about looking short.

TXT‘s Soobin is the tallest member of his group and often makes other idols look tiny with his “gigantic height.” Now, he’s finally met his match.


Soobin encountered an actor so tall that even he was worried about looking short next to him.

Soobin | SBS

When Soobin and actor Lee Chae Min filmed a special KBS segment, they stood up to compare heights. Before Soobin stood all the way upright, there was a visible difference in who was taller.

Soobin was so surprised by how tall Lee Chae Min was that he said, “I really don’t think you’re 189 cm.” The actor confirmed that he was, prompting Soobin to share his real estimate.

Making Lee Chae Min laugh, Soobin asked, “Are you sure you’re not 199 cm?

Soobin was so amazed by Lee Chae Min’s height that he felt worried about looking short. He said, “You’re so tall… I even wore insoles before coming here.” Lee Chae Min quickly pointed out they were “about the same” height, regardless of the difference.

For Soobin to finally look a bit shorter than someone else, Lee Chae Min is genuinely tall.