TXT’s Staff Earns Praise For How They Prevent The Members From Getting Hurt

Staff tried to hide it, but fans noticed the small details.

In the MESS teaser photos for their minisode 2: Thursday’s Child album, TXT turned heads with their mature visuals. Thanks to eagle-eyed fans, their staff gained attention as well for the clever way they keep the members comfortable and safe during photo shoots.

TXT | BigHit Music/HYBE

Taking a closer look at the group’s teaser photos, Twitter user @Choi_Hansie pointed out all the small details where the staff hid items to make the photo shoot easier for the members. Underneath Taehyun‘s head, they put a pillow for him to rest on, cleverly mixed in with the garbage bags.

Taehyun | @Choi_Hansie/Twitter

To make sure Hueningkai was comfortable and didn’t have any objects poking into his back, the staff put a blanket underneath him and a cushion beneath his legs.

Hueningkai | @Choi_Hansie/Twitter

Using the same method as they did for Taehyun, Soobin‘s head was nice and comfortable from the pillow it rested on.

Soobin | @Choi_Hansie/Twitter

Their staff also did the same for Beomgyu but noted a slight difference. Instead of using a pillow, it appeared that the staff placed a blanket inside of the helmet.

Boemgyu | @Choi_Hansie/Twitter

Not only did Yeonjun rest on the same cushion as Hueningkai, but the staff placed the pillow by his left side for him to lean on and kept the blanket on his other side.

Yeonjun | @Choi_Hansie/Twitter

Since the boys could’ve easily become injured from objects poking them or soreness from the long length of time, fans were happy to see how well the staff cared for them by keeping them comfortable and safe.

| @TXT_members/Twitter