TXT’s Staff Roasted The Members So Good They Couldn’t Help But Laugh

TXT loved their staff members’ honesty.

After TXT had some fun by roasting their staff members on Idol Human Theater, the group burst into laughter when their staff returned the favor.


After the members roasted their staff member Ji Soo for telling jokes that weren’t funny to anyone but him, the staff were ready to share their own observations. They started with leader Soobin, cracking everyone up by shouting his name.

The staff member wanted to beat Soobin’s allegations that he couldn’t sing and even challenged him to sing “Run Away” together.

You continuously tell me that I’m not good at singing. Let’s go to karaoke together! Let’s battle with the song ‘Run Away’!

— Staff Member

The next member they focused on was maknae (youngest member) Hueningkai, showing how much they cared for his safety. They warned him, “While you’re walking, stop playing with your phone.” Ji Soo made them laugh by yelling, “Look at the front!

There was one last member their staff couldn’t help speaking up about. Ji Soo shouted, “Choi Beomgyu! Stop shouting while playing games!” The members couldn’t help but agree, especially Soobin.

Since TXT’s protocol team members spend a lot of time with the group, they all know each other’s funny habits. See them roast each other here.