TXT’s Taehyun Advises Fan On The Best Way To Reject Someone

It was a tricky situation that he knew exactly how to handle.

During his Counseling Center live broadcasts, TXT‘s Taehyun reads the questions and concerns of fans. He then gives them the best advice on how to handle them.

This time, a fan was experiencing problems with rejection and didn’t know how to avoid hurting the feelings of others. Although the situation could be tricky, Taehyun had a method to make the process smoother for everyone involved.

The fan didn’t waste any time in explaining their problem. They commented, “Tell me how to reject someone respectfully.” Since they rarely refused anything, for fear of making other people feel bad, they realized they needed help finally putting their foot down.

Taehyun completely understood what the fan was going through, even mentioning that Soobin used to be the same way. He found that there was one way to handle it. As he tried to gather his thoughts, he said, “This… actually… you just have to give a reason…”

Although it sounds like a simple way to reject someone, it’s more about how it’s done rather than the act itself. To smooth everything over and make your sincerity known, he instructed the fan on precisely how to do it.

He first told the fan what not to do. Saying “no,” followed by an explanation definitely wasn’t the way to go. That would make the explanation sound more like an excuse rather than a valid reason. Instead, the most crucial part was reversing the order.

If the explanation is the first thing that’s said, it’s “relayed more clearly” so that it doesn’t upset the other person. He summed up the approach by saying, “[Don’t] stress the ‘no,’ but the reason you can’t do it.”

Rejecting someone in any situation can be a bit difficult to handle, especially when considering their feelings. Nonetheless, there comes a time when everyone has to assert themselves. If you need a little help doing so, Taehyun’s advice can help you with that.

Listen to Taehyun’s advice on how to politely say ‘no’ while also lessening the sting of rejection, starting from 9:06.