TXT’s Taehyun Hilariously Confused Bang Si Hyuk For This Politician During A Game Of Charades

An honest mistake!

An unexpectedly hilarious moment ensued during TXT‘s appearance on Jessi‘s Show!terview. The boys engaged in a game of charades which of course, proceeded in chaos. Hueningkai had to act out their founder and producer, Bang Si Hyuk, while Taehyun had to guess it. Beomgyu was the middle man!

Hueningkai proceeded to do Bang Si Hyuk’s trademark pose and placid smile. He even clapped slowly in imitation of his producer.

His members got his drift right away. Unfortunately, Beomgyu seemed not to get it, for he simply copied Hueningkai. However, he did not get the trademark smile and calm demeanor correct, causing Taehyun to be confused.

Taehyun’s mind drifted to somewhere, or someone, unexpected…

Kim Jong Un. Unsurprising, given that his clapping has become somewhat of a meme.

His groupmates’. expressions were priceless.

An honest mistake, Taehyun! We’re sure Bang Si Hyuk would’ve laughed too.

Catch the cute moment below.